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Re: September Board
Amy: time is dragging. What makes this time worse is that my hormones are making me miss him 100 times more! You're welcome! I always told my family and friends " oh I will never be in the military!" Look at me now four years in and two to go on the first enlistment. Haha the saying is true don't say NEVER it will bite you n the butt!!

Brie: yay for AF! I know you wanted her to show up! I used the pillow my dh left. He said he left it since it's the one he uses the most and smells like him. I hugged that pillow all night and slept a little bit. I kept waking up and thinking it was the day he was coming home. It wasn't :smileysad:
I couldn't handle a deployment. I would have to be sedated the entire time he was gone. I don't even know if I could handle 6 weeks!
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