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Am I crazy?!?!

Hi all! I'm new here and just would like some opinions/advice. I am a mom of two already and the hubs and I aren't exactly trying nor preventing but I think I may be preggers? Here's my story....(bare with me :-) )


I'm pretty normal with my pds, around the same time every month give or take a day or two. My last pd was Aug 11th or 12th (can't remember the EXACT day) 30 day cycle and lasted 5 days as normal. My "normal PMS systems" are really just bad cramping at the beginning, bloating and sometimes sore breasts. So fast forward to Sept. Around the 10th-11th I was cramping a little and thought for sure AF was on her way and waited 3 days but nothing! On the 13th I flew to NYC for the weekend and felt sooo sick and "off" the whole time I was there. When I came home two days later the cramping came back but again no sign of AF. The morning after I came back I was so nausea and started to think maybe I was preggers so I took a test and it was a BFN! I waited a few more days and still no AF so I took two more in the morning and again BFN! Now its the 24th STILL no sign of AF and I have been having these weird cramps that don't exactly hurt, I just notice that they are happening if that makes any sense. I've also had an annoying headache every day for about a week which is weird because I normally only get them if I don't drink my coffee in the AM. I still feel "bloated" or "full" and I've had this weird (SORRY TMI) "egg-white" discharge that has no smell. With my other two pregnancies I knew right away because the morning sickness kicked in full force from the very beginning. SO I'm just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and what the outcome was?


I do have a doc appt for this Thursday but wanted to see what you lovely ladies thought? Thanks for reading this novel lol and appreciate any feedback!!