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Amy: Thank you. I never had a period while I was PG, I bled for a few minutes after BDing (same day pretty much).. followed by some brown goo the next day.. DH thought for sure he "killed" the baby at that As we can see, the bug is just fine!! I was 2 days late at that point and still getting a bfn, it took 4 days late to get a faint positive. But I had never been late, in the 10 years I had gotten AF, every 28 days, like I knew immediately when I didnt wake up to AF and she didnt make an appearance, that something was up. Im left hmmming right now as well. My cycle last month was 5 days and really I doubt i was pg..  Will you post some of the pics from yesterday to your blog?


Tara: Your next appointment is coming up in a few weeks isnt it?! Hopefully AF wont show and you wont need it.. so you can send AF my way and I'll send PG vibes your way. deal? lol


afm- still no AF. no cramps either, Im getting odd "twingy" feelings but they arent painful. And man I am tired!  Super emotional and bb's/nipples still sore. Totally could go either way. Hopefully the twinges are AF trying to make her appearance. My temp was up slightly as well.. I thought for sure I wouldnt have to worry about anything this month, since we used protection every single time.

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