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Re: September Board
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Brie- I hope AF makes her appearance soon for you. It is possible for people to get AF and be pregnant, so if she doesn't show up maybe it was from the month before when you weren't quite as careful? Let's just hope she doesn't stay away.

Tara- Is this another unmedicated cycle? I don't recall you saying anything about meds this time, but I very well could have missed that. I hope AF stays away for ya.

Alexx- I took Clomid for 2 cycles when I got pregnant with Nathan. I didn't really notice any side effects, possibly some hot flashes.

Alix- I don't think I REALLY felt Nathan until further along, though I can't recall when exactly. I do know that I had gas moving around that was tricking me in the early stages as well.

AFM- We went and had Nathans pictures with his cousin. Super cute. Nathan does NOT like wearing his costume, not even kind of. I'm glad we went for normal pictures first or I might have none of him. Oy.

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