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Alix: I felt layla's first flutters at 14 weeks, and i thought it was a bug running across my belly because it was like a tickling sensation. I didnt feel much else til about 18 weeks. 10 weeks is a little early. Just a few weeks momma! hang in there!


Tara: we were extremely careful.. like he didnt even get near me unless the rain slicker was Im just hoping none had holes in them. I did find a pin needle next to one of the condoms on the counter one day. DH laughed it off when I said "thats NOT something you want to see lying next to each other!!" ... But I dont think he did anything as he is on board with waiting until I graduate before considering it.. a few months ago I might have thought he would have done that on purpose lol.


afm- No  sign of AF still.. sooooo odd.. because Ive always been like clockwork. the last time and only time I was late, i was PG with layla bug. well, time will tell. If by some crazy reason I was PG somehow.. It'd be just meant to be by the Lord because we dang sure tried to prevent.

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