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Re: September Board
Brie: I hope it's just the pregnancy and not the murmur. I hope AF shows up. I know you don't want to be pg right now!

Alexx: I hope the clomid works for you.

Afm: work went by fast. I'm thankful for that. I only had 4 hours of sleep. The dh slept like a rock and I am so jealous of that. I can't even sleep on the couch. I have the pregnancy insomnia. It sucks! Now it's time to figure out what to make the dh for his dinner. He's been at work since noon and doesn't get off til midnight. I'm clueless on what to make him.

Oh I have a question. When was the earliest you felt your baby kick? I swear that the past few days I have felt small little flutters. It's not gas and it's not anything I've ever felt before. Am I imagining the little flutters or could it actually be the little peanut moving?

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