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Alix: That will happen (the winded easily) thing, it is a normal part of pregnancy, unfortunately.. I used to have the same problems, when before i was PG i could run up and down my 17 stairs easily without getting winded. I noticed really early on I started feeling like I couldnt get my breath .. I thought it was ridiculous, considering how tiny i was lol. Oh well. But i would mention it to the dr. anyway.


afm- AF was supposed to come today, (and for some reason a whole weeks worth of temps arent showing on my chart either? but when i check my data they are there). No cramps, no nothing.. I know I got it later in the day last month, about this time..but Im not even getting cramps. Worried slightly, even though DH and I used protection every single time we BD'd this month..and I mean every single oops it could have happend moments. lol. We were really good about that.

However, my nipples are suuuuupppppeeeerrrrrr sensitive like they were when I got PG.. Hoping something didnt malfunction and AF is just being fashionably later than usual? If anything I've learned the last 2 cycles, it has been that my body is still O on day 14 and AF on day 28...where are you AF?!

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