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Re: September Board

Alix- It'll be good to follow up on the nurmer. A lot of them are benign. Maybe pregnancy brought it out so they could hear it better with the extra bloodflow. Hope that it works out in your favor whatever happens with the medical review board.


Alixx- Is there something specific you were going to follow up on on the 3rd?


Amy- The rating doesn't sounds all that fun. Glad you got to check out the preschool with your mom friends. What a big boy he is helping like that :smileyhappy:


Brie- Hope your chicken turns out. Cooking takes practice. Go for simple good recicpes. Sometimes you try some recipes and don't like them then others you find a keeper. I'd say get like a betty crocker or better homes and gardens cookbook. They have very traditional food and super easy recipes with good instructions. I think that is a good way to start learning.