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Re: September Board
Tara- Life is crazy indeed. Hope you get a little relaxing in there somewhere (and if you do let me know how so I can try that out too!)

alexx- Had I waited to get my cycles regular I would probably never have started it and chances are good I wouldn't have my little man.

Alix- I hope you like it! I've had it for dinner yesterday, lunch today and maybe a midnight snack. It's like candy. So yummy.

AFM- I'm tired. I think I might be trying to do to much at once. I'm trying to get a job at Lionbridge, I've done it before but I'm not sure I REALLY want to do it again. Its an at home internet rating thing. Not really fun. We went to a preschool prep thing today with my moms group, Nathan did awesome and even helped me pick stuff up like a big boy.
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