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Tara- I have PCOS and I am taking Metformin and Progesterone and iron supplements. I have been taking progesterone for about 6 months now. The first three months I took it I had AF about three days after I was finished taking progesterone and now it just stopped. She doesn't know what happened but she's checking my hormone levels. She is wary to start Clomid because you have to time it right to your cycles and I don't have cycles so it would just be s shot in the dark. I'm thinking Clomid would really benefit me but I just need to figure out this cycle problem. 


ALL- My mother was diagnosed with cervical and kidney cancer about two weeks ago. Two different types of cancer that have nothing to do with each other. Unlucky right? So my days have been filled with driving her an hour away every day to radiation and chemo. Her insurance is so stupid. There is a cancer center IN OUR TOWN but they don't take her (or most people in our town's) insurance.  Poor Mommy...