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Re: September Board
Tara- We made the honey chicken for dinner tonight. Still as yummy as I remember it, not that it was THAT long ago that I made it before. But yeah. Love that stuff.

Alexx- The clomid helped me ovulate, I was having that annovulation stuff Tara was talking about. My cycle was 3 weeks to 3 months before the clomid and Nathan. Now I'm actually fairly regularly sitting around 41 days, first time I can EVER remember having a similar pattern when not on BC.

AFM- My jury duty blog is posted. My craft type thing for tomorrow is ready to post tomorrow. I went to a consignment sale tonight and got Nathan more clothes. I got the most adorable outfit for Christmas pictures... I sure hope he really grows between now and when he needs it. It's just the next size up and he's fitting these clothes quite well (and has been in them for 6 months now)... so I'm thinking he should fit the size I got come Christmas. I hope. I also bought a train table with a train set for $50. Awesome deal. We're keeping the train set and selling the table to my brother for half the price. Nathan will be so excited (come his birthday or Christmas, he does NOT get it now).
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