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Re: September Board

Amy- I think my DH had done some similar rating stuff. He'd write reviews on the internet for extra cash. I haven't had the chance to look at that recipe yet. Darn it. 


Alix- It's a very personal topic and you have the right to feel what you feel. Talking about it is probably important given the fact you are upset by it. Hope your back feels better!


Alexx- The progesterone hasn't worked to jump start your cycle? I took it once when I needed to get AF and she showed up a day or two after I stopped taking it. I had a 3 month gap in between cycles after going off birth control, but never took the progesterone then. long cycles like that can be from annovulation (not ovulating). Clomid sounds like it's something you could really use. The first full day of bleeding is what you should count as CD1. Most often clomid is prescribed to start on CD3-7 or CD5-9. I always took it CD5-9. Did you discuss PCOS? I thought you mentioned having that....metformin is another common medication used in conjuction with clomid and progesterone. Yes, each pregnancy can be totally different it's hard to say how you'd feel this time around. Hope this helps!


AFM- I'm tired spent the day running around running errands with my mom and grandma. It was fun, but now I'm drained.