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Re: September Board
Tara- Awesome to see CH's on your chart! KMFC

Alix- Tara makes good points, I hope you aren't stressing yourself and the baby out to much. *hugs*

AFM- Still plugging away at trying to get my blog up and running. I hope it'll someday be well read. But we'll see. I have a new post for tomorrow and Friday. We get an extra one this week thanks to Jury Duty. It's pretty much just a description of the case and the experience. And the Friday one is our "craft" for the week, which isn't much of a craft but it's coloring and it's what we've done this week so it works. :smileyvery-happy: I reapplied for a work at home internet rating job, I had been doing that when I got pregnant then I just couldn't put in the hours and was eventually kicked out of the program for inactivity. It's taken awhile but I think I should get back to it. Just a couple hours a day rating search results mostly. Not fun, but it'll help pay some bills.
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