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Re: September Board
Amy: I will try out the pillow. I didn't talk to the dh last night. I couldn't. He looked beat from work and I didn't want to have that talk when he was so tired. He did ask if I had been crying and I just shrugged. It was hard to talk without crying again. But he knows something is wrong I barely talked last night and he knows that's not normal. The talk might have to wait until Sunday when neither if us are working. I've never been one for confrontations so I am dreading this. I'm not very good at writing fiction either. It has to have happened to me before I can put a fiction twist to it. I make fun of myself when I write or I use personal experiences in the story. The only crafty stuff I can do is crochet. I can semi draw and if I put my mind to it I can be creative.

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