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Re: September Board
Alix- My life isn't exactly interesting either... but I keep busy. Hope your talk with him goes well, that's a rough one, I've been with my DH for almost 16 years now (married 9) and thankfully I've never had to deal with that. *hugs* You can use regular pillows too if you don't have the body pillow, what was so important for my back was having something between my knees and as I got bigger something to support my front side partially under the belly but mostly just cuddled along the front. I just used a regular body pillow (I was afraid the more expensive ones would take to much room so I tried out just a normal body pillow). But having something between the knees was the key (I still use a small throw type pillow between my knees, my back is so much happier with it. I don't do fiction writing all that well, I have an imagination I just have a hard time putting it into words... I can craft no problem.
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