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Amy: We dated for a year before we got married. He knew my stand on it while we were dating. He knows I don't watch movies that have explicit content and that I don't like him watching it either. I have to admit I feel like he's cheating but I know his character so well I know he wouldn't do that to me. And I know I won't be able to sleep if I don't talk to him. I have to build up the courage to talk to him cause I know I'm gunna cry again when I tell him. I don't have a body pillow but I find sleeping half on my side half on my stomach I can sleep for a little bit. I'm gunna have to call my dr. I read your blog I loved it! I read Brie's too. I want to start one but my life is so boring I couldn't do it. I'm good at fiction stories. My little sister keeps asking me to write her more of them.
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