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Re: September Board

Alix- I am honestly not sure what I would do.  I would be upset as well. I will pray for you on this one.  Hope you get some answers.  Maybe he was just scared about the pregnancy?  I'm not sure how long you were together before you got married but maybe the anniversary was also a reminder of what he once had.  But you do need to have a talk about it, probably best not to dwell on it too long.  So sorry hun.  As for the back pain, I took a warm (NOT HOT) bath EVERY night after it got really bad.  I also used a body pillow to sleep with.  Heater packs were handy as well.  I had some severe pelvis issues going on so I was in a brace for about 5 months to keep it where it should be.  The brace made my pelvis feel better so I could walk but made my back hurt so horribly.


Brie- Laylas ladybug wall decorations are ADORABLE (as is she!).


AFM- I posted the honey chicken recipe tonight... was going to tomorrow but figured it was done so I may as well post it now.

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