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Alix: A heating pad works wonders :smileyhappy: Also the thermacare wraps for your back = amazing, and they are safe but call your  OB to double check because I think it was only recommended AFTER the first trimester. But a heating pad on low is safe. I also used the boppy pregnancy pillow, and slept in a half sitting position with a heating pad in various places when i experienced some abdominal muscle tearing and round ligament pain, it helped too, although the general position isnt too comfy for sleeping as I am an avid stomach and side sleeper. <- this is what I had, it was great, although I just realized i completely slept on the wrong ends.. LOL. It was given to me, so I didnt pay anything for it, however, it was definitely worth a million bucks!

This also looks neat too, I didnt see it when I was prego


Tara: I started that blog when chris and I were only dating a year =x I was reading some old posts a couple months ago and giggling.. :smileyhappy: I had it bad for that man lol ...still do, but I think its a far worse case now. :smileywink:

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