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Re: September Board

Alix- I have never had my dyson give me any problems. :smileysad:  Though I doubt I could have vacuumed when I was pregnant, I could barely walk.


Alexx- Woohoo more PNW people.


Brie- I looked for your blog but there are apparently quite a few people that have lifes with Layla. LOL


Tara- KMFC for you and this cycle.  Lots of prayers for you guys, I hope you don't have to go see that specialist!

AFM- Jury duty today... I got on a trial (which is all I can say about that for the time being).  SO it was my first real day being away from Nathan like a working person.  Felt really weird.  And he was so busy playing with blocks when I got home he didn't even notice I got here.  Made me sad.  My blog is a work in progress for sure.  I am going to revamp that first post I did and make it a bit more concise so it's not like reading a book.  My friend who reads lots of blogs said it was wordy and to take some details out.  Keep everything but take a few details out... and maybe add another picture to break it up a bit.  I will post a new blog Wednesday night with food stuff!  It'll be crock pot honey chicken... it's NOT a new recipe but I have jury duty, give me a break, I'm doing my duty as a citizen of this here country. LOL  It is an amazing recipe though... I REALLY recommend you take that recipe and make it.  We have a crock pot party every year at our house (this was the third one)... the honey chicken won last year and there were some amazing dishes (and I didn't even vote for it).  So that's Wednesday. :smileyvery-happy:  Gotta go get the kidlet washed up with his night time bath then to bed.  SO weird only getting a few hours with him.  Thankfully he woke up before I left to BF this morning... skipping lunch/nap feeding he does sometimes anyways now... but I couldn't have skipped breakfast and lunch I have enough pressure in just skipping the nap feeding.

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