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I'm 7 days late,need some advice
So my husband and I were not trying to conceive because we had a baby boy 10 months ago,so we are usually very careful. He was about to leave for a 6 week mission and we had unprotected sex on the last day of my period. About 5 days later I started getting ovulation type cramps and they never really went away and about 5 days after that I got a light brown discharge for a day( I have never had any spotting before so it took me by surprise) ..anyway fast forward to about a week ago,I started getting period cramps and running to the bathroom thinking I just got it and it hasn't come yet. I have cramps all the time,I'm feeling bloated and have near constant headaches and peeing every hour on the hour. My period is 7 days late, but the last 3 tests I took we're negative? Anyone had the same thing?could I be pregnant and it's not picking it up yet?
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