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Amy: I loved to blog years ago, when i had time and ambition to do so. I have one that i converted into a "mom" blog awhile back on blogspot, its called "Life with Layla."


Alix: I still wear my maternity clothes =)) , they are so comfy and non constrictive! Someone asked me the other day if I was wearing maternity capris, i was like "yes...." " are you....?" "NO! they are comfy, ok? " lol. You'll still have to wear them for a month or so after birth anyway.. it took me nearly 2 months to fit into my old jeans.


Tara: Yeah my charts changed slightly. Luckily i had already O'd when it died.  Theres no chance for any mishaps, as we've been diligent about using protection. But still want to track everything


afm- last night DH was trying to get layla to say "no", since she understands it, and shes "oh". So he kept going "Layla, can you say 'no'. Noooooo. Come on big girl say no! "... and she looked dead at him, then looked at me and her bottom lip started quivering and looked at me and burst into tears for a good 5 minutes, nothing we said or did would get her to stop.. i swear my heart broke! It was funny at the same

Then today, DH took off so we could go speak to some realtors about looking to buy/rent. I got dressed up in a nice pair of jeans and tee shirt, and then we went out for lunch, and when i sat down, I felt like i sat on something wet, so i reached down and felt the seat, nothing. So I kept feeling this wet I finally ran my hand on the back of my leg, only to discover I had ripped my jeans!! I had been all over to realtors and lender offices, with a pair of ripped jeans (im not sure when they ripped, which is worse).

if anything, this will entertain you LOL

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