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Re: September Board

Brie- I realized I forgot to respond to your thermometer situation. I think it's strongly reccomentded not to swtich thermometers in the middle of a cycle. If yours broke ther's really nothing you can do about it though. I have been thinking it's time for mine to give up as well. I would just be careful not to put too much stock into this month's chart. 


Amy- Hope that you and Nathan aren't really getting sick. That's no fun. Glad you had a good time camping. Didn't you go to the Oregon coast? I have never been and really need to go. I've done that before on accident with our checking account, too. Same thing...bad mood. 


AFM- Had a great hike yesterday. I put sunscreen on my face, but still managed to get burned. It was a lot nicer out than I expected. Almost 10 miles and 3000ft up, absolutely gorgeous views. I think I might have I'd or am just about to. Fingers crossed. It would be awesome to cancel that consult we have with the new fertility clinic.