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Re: September Board

Alexx- I've been on clomid for well, this will be cycle 21. I was PG once, but MC'd on a cycle I was taking clomid with 2 years ago in December. Usually people only take it for up to 6 months although my RE said it is was okay to take longer. For me hotflashes are the biggest side effect I have, but everyone is different. My friend who took it as well for PCOS said she felt dizzy the first time she took it. 


Brie- Oh my goodness, Layla is a doll! I love the dimples. She really looks like she is thriving and is full of happiness! Glad your doc appt went well and you got all the green lights you needed. Hoping the diflucan will prevent the problems you had been having! Yes, I agree with your doc....kudos to you for being successful in school and raising your LO! 


Gina- Hey! Hope you're liking your new place.It's nice that you've checked in! I love the updates. Glad Lucas is gaining weight and you've got him figured out. Hope he stops aspirating. Seems like he'll be on solids before you know it. I have no idea what happened to Nicole. I assume she is busy. I've thought about her a lot lately. Hope she's doing well!


Alix- Hope you had a good day! You're getting toward the end of your first trimester already! Exciting!


AFM- DH and I are gonna go hiking in the morning. Should be fun I'm looking forward to it!