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Brie: I'm with you on making sure you're sure and both on the same page. I wish I could ate Bcp but I'm allergic to the smallest dose. I took it to regulate AF when I joined and I was only AF free for a week every month so I stopped. I've never been to Florida and we are so close in Louisiana. Next month we get a 4 day weekend together and we want to go and do something to relax for a little bit. Then in November we are going to visit my family in Tacoma Wa. Neither of us are looking forward to it too much. My older sister lives there now and she is still barely talking to me. When I called to tell her we were expecting the call barely lasted 5 min. I am upset about it but I've tried everything to get her to talk to me.

I have to go clothes shopping this weekend. None of my bras fit anymore and the underwire is uncomfortable. I got maternity uniforms for free yesterday so I'm good with those for now. I just have get my name tag out in them. Well I'm gunna. Play with the pooches so they will stop whining. Have a good night ladies!

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