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Re: September Board
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Hey Ladies!!!

Alix - Congrats!! :smileyhappy:

Brie - Can't believe Layla is almost one!! She is adorable.

Tara - Rooting for you over here! Does anyone know how Nicole is?

AFM - Lucas is doing so much better. We had a rough couple of months with his reflux but we finally found a medicine that works. He also aspirates so we have been thickening his feeds and he hasn't spit up or aspirated for weeks now. He started gaining weight again and is 15lbs and 5oz. The girls are doing good, we just moved to a new house last week so we are all adjusting. Hope everyone is doing well!


Oh my dh is getting a vasetomy in 2 weeks.  No more babies for us!  3 is the magic number and more then a handful for sure!

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