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Alexx: I have one child, she will be 11 months old tomorrow, and I love her very dearly.  I was so sure I only wanted one child, until I saw the way Layla interacts and reacts to other children and I begun to feel like only having one would be cheating her out of a sibling relationship. (her step brother is 14 years old --my DH's child from his first marriage..he had him at 19 and he is now 34. I am 25.) So we may or may not be TTC again in May-June, as I graduate with my 2 year degree in July. It took us 45 days to concieve my daughter after having endometriosis, a laparoscopy, and being on birth control. We were lucky, it normally takes up to a year to ttc for healthy couples. :smileyhappy:  I can't do a progestin only bcp because they made me bleed for months, and cant do a combo bcp while breastfeeding, so right now I am using fertilityfriend (aka temping, charting, or natural family planning) as a method to avoid getting pregnant! I plan on weaning Layla shortly after her first birthday next month.


Alix is correct, is an excellent place to gain knowledge about your cycle and understand whats going on down there. They also have a downloadable 80 pg book  for free, or you can watch a 25 minute video. The twinges you feel sound like O pain to me. You actually wouldnt feel a baby move until 18-20+ weeks of pregnancy. I felt the first moves around 14 weeks so roughly 4-5 months along..and at that point you would definitely have other indicators that you were pregnant :smileywink:


Alix: The things people will do! it simply astounds me!! they never did anything about my neighbors, but apparenetly they are trying to sublease it, and they'd have an answer today. Only one call to the police and they are getting an eviction notice though, so there is hope. have you continued your vitamins at night?


Tara: Hoping you will O here soon!! Question for you, what happens if your thermometer dies and you buy a new but different brand all together one and they give different temps?


Simone: Im sorry your interview didnt go well.. ive never heard of a group interview! that'd make me nervous! I've only had one interview...ever! 8 years ago!!  I was 17! I dont remember much but i was dang sure nervous..even though i already had the


afm- Had my "well woman exam" today. I hate breast exams..and not because my bb's are full of milk still, but because omg they tickle me so badly!! LOL. I can't help but giggle and wiggle on the table like a 2 year old! LOL. Pap went ok. I told her about the decrease in supply after only taking ONE of the lo loestrin tablets, and i told her I was mid cycle now, so I wanted to go ahead and get a birth control that my insurance covers, that I can begin on October 21, which Layla should be weaned then. So, she gave me the generic for loestrin. She also wants me to begin a regimen of diflucan during my period because i keep having issues there everytime i've had AF the last 2 months, for the next 6 months.  I also spoke to her about possibly (the major "POSSIBLY") Ttc again in May-June, since im graduating TCC in July. She sat for 5 minutes to tell me how proud of me she was to be a mom, and a great student, and for not giving my education up. It makes me feel really good that someone else recognizes my hard work and encourages me!  She said I do have a green light for ttc in may and recommends I continue my prenatals to keep my energy up :smileyhappy: We also have been good about using protection this month as well, she gave me kudos and her blessing to do that until October.

She also offered to take Layla home with her... lol.

Scarlett turned one on wednesday! And I ordered Layla's first birthday onesie yesterday! its so cute! I am making the tutu and bows for it, so I really saved money there. :smileyvery-happy: exciting!

Oh and slightly worried about tomorrow's temps.. My thermometer kicked the bucket, its been giving me random temps and its taking temping twice or three times in order to get the "normal" temps.. I bought a new and completely different brand thermometer, so idk what that will do to my chart tomorrow, I made notes on FF, but i hope it doesnt mess it up too bad.

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