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Re: Getting stressed about ttc

I feel your pain.  I had 13 YEARS of secondary infertility.  After I had my oldest daughter, I went on the pill for a couple of years until we were ready to start trying again.  Years and years went by, I spoke to my the Nurse Practioner at my OB/GYN a few times and she just kind of blew me off.  So years more went by, I got divorced (not because of that), another year or so went by and got remarried.  We went several years married before we decided to try to get pregnant.  I had one short pregnancy that broke my heart.  After of over a year trying after that, I was FINALLY sent to a fertility specialist and found out that I have endometriosis.  Had surgery to have that removed and finally...FINALLY had #2.  Petrified the whole pregnancy...afterall, I was 37 and not in my prime by this time.


I guess the short story is don't give up until they run out of answers.  I know your pain and I feel for you. <3