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Re: September Board

Alexx- We are working on #1. I had once MC which will be 2 years ago in December. Have you been seeing your regular doctor,OBGYN, or RE (reproductive endocrinologist)? If you have PCOS and have also had recurrent MC's/ectopics seeing a fertility specialist sounds like it would be the best choice. We haven't really had a diagnosis, so it was hard to take the leap to the RE at first. I think in the long run it would've saved a lot of time and money though. 


Alix- Wow, some people...


Simone- Sorry your interview didn't go so well. I've never had a group interview just a panel. Sounds awkward to be interviewing with other canidates at the same time.


AFM- Felt some twinges on my R side last night, so hoping I'm ready to O.