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Re: Getting stressed about ttc

I just read your post - I hope you've gotten pregnant!  I know how hard it is.  I was just saying to my husband that I feel like everyone is posting to Facebook that they got pregnant, and it makes me resent my friends because we are struggling to get pregnant a second time.  I have a 2-year old son who was conceived with Clomid and Metformin (I have PCOS).  After starting the medications, I got pregnant the second month.  I also had a Mirena IUD right after he was born and had it removed in May of this year.  We have been TTC every month since then - actively trying (charting, ovulation tests, Clomid at muliplie doses, metformin), and last cycle I even had 3 transvaginal ultrasounds to track my ovulation progress.  I'm so frustrated.  I feel like if it doesn't happen by the end of the year then maybe it wasn't meant to be, and I should just be happy with the wonderful son that I have.  Every one of my cycles is different.  I never seem to ovulate at a normal or regular time, and that makes TTC like trying to hit a moving target.  I feel your pain.  Hopefully you and I will be posting soon to Facebook that we are pregnant!