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Re: September Board
Brie: I take the vitamins between 7:30-9:30. It depends on how busy I am with the dogs and dinner. It didn't make me sick last night so I'm glad about that. I am so glad your landlord listened and you have a new neighbor! It's not good for anyone o be around people like that! I'm glad they are gone.

Isra: You are braver than me. I told my dh 3 children is all I will have. I would go stir crazy if we had more. If we have twins I will still have 3. I know my limits. Glad your dr is listening to you and your concerns.

Tara: My co-worker has an upper respiratory infection. So hopefully it's just allergies bothering me and nothing else. I hope you O soon and catch the egg!!

Alexx: I have no children but am pregnant with my first. I hope the clomid works for you and you get a BFP!!

Afm: Today was a busy day. Had someone try to cheat on their test first thing in the morning. The guy gave avoid argument but the film doesn't lie and be clearly wasn't doing his sit ups right. He tried to call me and the person with me semi liars. That his spotters didn't count the ones we told him to correct. We told him to correct all but15 he needed 47/48 to pass. Not something I'm used to dealing with first thing in the morning. Tomorrow we only have 3 tests so hopefully it will be easier. I'm just ready for Saturday. I get a day off finally! I'll be on later ladies dogs are barking to go out.

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