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Re: September Board

Alexx- Welcome to the group! Sorry to hear you've had such difficulties TTC. My DH and I have been TTC for 4 years in January although we have no diagnosis unless maybe some sort of ovulatoty disorder. I've taken clomid many many many times. Everyone is a little different with how it effects them. For me I get hotflashes which are uncomfortable, but manageable. Have they talked about maybe trying you on Metformin for your PCOS? That is a pretty common medication to treat with as well as clomid. A friend of mine has PCOS and got pregnant doing that. Hope that helps. 


Brie- Finally, I'm glad they did something about those neighbors that were causing such issues! How great that Layla will have a new buddy close by. 


Alix- Glad your new job is going well! The doctor won't be able to do anything for you is you have a head cold which is viral unless the symptoms go on for too long. Drink lots of water and try t get some rest! Hope you feel better soon!


Isra- HI! Seems like it's been forever. You've been busy! Your temp didn't dip too far. I wonder what it'll look like a few days from now. I'm glad that your doctor is taking your struggles seriously and checking different levels. How exciting at the prospects of adopting. Hopefully everything will work out smoothly for you guys. Boy, that's a lot of kiddos! Very courageous. 


AFM- Been having vivid dreams again and the hotflashes are letting up some, so I think that I might be getting close to Oing. Temp was way way down today although I woke really early and had gotten up to the bathroom when I took it.