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Re: September Board
Tara: No luck on sleep. But I did get some sleep through the night without the dh home so I think I'm gunna be having no naps and just trying to sleep through the day.

Simone: That story was funny. I don't know if no morning sickness is a good thing or not. Everyone I work with is telling me its a girl because I don't have it then some say its a boy because I don't have it

Alex: Nice to meet you! Sorry for your situation. I don't know how clomid works. Some of the ladies on here know and will help you but we will all be a support system for you these ladies are great!!

Afm: The new slow paced job is nice. I don't have access to the system yet so I don't really know the paper work side of it. We have tests every hour and an hour and a half lunch. So I am loving the new job. I don't really see the people I worked with and that made the threat. I'm great full for that. I get to see the dh before he goes to work and relax for a little bit. I think I'm catching the head cold that's going around my job though so I'm calling the dr tomorrow and telling them I need to be seen to make sure. Uh oh gotta go phones ringing and dogs gotta go out.

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