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Simone: Good Luck! I love Kohls!! :smileyhappy:


Alix: Are you planning to BF? That will make you even more thirsty as well, but thats a great habit to have, really! Especially right now! I never drank "enough".. and am trying to change that habit now.  I have like a glass of water a day, its no wonder i can even function lol.  So don't be afraid to "drink too much" water (other than your bladder lol) your body will thank you..and so will baby! has morning sickness come yet? My Stat teacher is nice, if you get an A average by the time of the final, you are exempt from the final, which is pretty neat. My best friend deals with statistics everyday at work and she will help me, and a few of us in class got together and work on it as well. we'll make it.. we only had one day to add/drop this semster, so i have to keep it


Tara: I think I did O.. I had watery and then EWCM the day before and then yesterday. And my temp shot up this morning as well. 2 more days of up temps to confirm. But seems right..CD 14 was yesterday. seems to be my bodies MO.

Question, since i have been tracking this for a month or so, should I print my charts and bring them with me to my appt with Dr. M friday? Just my annual, then birth control discussion  so i dont have to go back in a month for new stuff.  just dont know if its relevant or something she needs to know.


afm- nothing new besides the neighbors again! a party on sunday night with 10 different drunk people! Not to mention now they are buying/selling weed in broad daylight! I walked up on them one day while walking scarlett around the building while layla napped. And yesterday, I could barely breathe because they smoked then walked outside but doused themselves in perfume not only did they reek the whole stairwell and my front egress with weed, but then it was overpowering perfumed as well! UGH. I am telling my property manager today, its either them or me. You evict them, or Im subleasing my apartment and we will be out the first week of october. End of story. I dont pay rent to live in a place next to drug dealing trashy people, nor do i appreciate smelling weed every time i come up to my front steps. I had to deal with that involuntarily for years with my parents, I'll be danged if i do it as an adult!

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