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Tara: He was more upset that I didnt "park near him" or find a "spot that has two spots open so we could park by each other".. I had parked with a space open next to me, however, he was late and another woman pulled in when I was doing my  "ants in my pants" dance. LOL. its pretty cool we are on the same schedule! Pretty sure I O'd today/late last night, we were up til midnight having  fun.. with protection lol. :smileyvery-happy: but i had some crampy O type pains late last night.


Alix: Yes, small amounts of caffine is fine. My OB told me i could have up to 2 cups of regular coffee a day (16oz) without it being an issue. However, I used to drink coffee only on the weekends, so that wasnt an issue. I did keep a small bottle of coke on hand though to take two to three sips on when my headaches would begin and that always took care of it :smileyhappy: and Layla is completely fine. Small amounts are ok and recommended, especially if you were used to it. Its harder on your body to go cold turkey than if you do only small amounts. Glad you felt better!


afm- nothing new, just trying to avoid statistics :smileywink:

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