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Re: September Board
Tara: Hope work was ok!

Brie: You can actually see the baby in this ultrasound. It looks just like a baby just in mini size. I wish we would have the truck paid off before we get the second car but we can't afford to make double payments. Just one is $550. I've made two payments when we lived off base but then we were getting more money. Now we are getting less since we live on base. Oh well...hopefully soon we get orders out of here!

Christine: Glad you're doing ok! I hope the baby is doing well also!!

Has anyone heard from Nicole and Hailey? I hope they are ok as well.

Afm: I've had a migraine all day then the dh wanted to order in for dinner and he got me a dr pepper to drink and my headache went away. I guess cutting caffeine out completely was a bad idea. So I might have a small glass a day just to keep these headaches at bay. Well I'm off to bed I have to work in the morning and I need to try and get some sleep. Have a wonderful night ladies!

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