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Alix: Yay for 8 weeks!! I'll go check your album now :smileyhappy: I know at 7 weeks they kinda look like 2 blobs put together (bekah had hers that early for bleeding issues and we thought twins too). I agree with you.. I need a car too. But not til the truck is paid for.. we have a 03' F-150 and then I bought my 88 dodge dakota from the place where chris worked when we met for $800.. I love it but it isnt really great for family driving.. lol so i drive DH's Ford and he took over maggie. :smileysad: A car will be much easier to get a car seat in than a truck :smileywink:


Tara: OMG, I know.. i couldn't stop laughing AFTER the fact. It hurt at the time.. and Dh was none too happy lol..but oh well. Cant help it. It still amuses me though. I just realized our CD's are the same.. both on CD 13!


afm- nothing new.. just waiting on myself to O' in the next day or so.. on CD 13 now. DH knows its protection time this weekend. lol. back to the books!

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