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Re: September Board
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Brie: I had to add the picture again it put it in a private album. I just uploaded it. This time I looked closer and made sure it wasn't private or anything. My sister has her moments. My little sister is my step sister but we all consider her full blood. Her dad raised us since I was three and my sisters were older than me. He is a very kind and loving man to take on 3 kids when he was only 19. I agree 100% on being too prepared then underprepared. That's why we are getting my car earlier than we want. The dh's truck will be paid off in April/May of next year so we will have that money plus most of our other bills will be paid off this November. I just wish we would have the credit cards paid off but that will be done with time and big payments. I'm sorry about you getting attacked by bugs. I would have been dancing around and trying to juggle the baby.

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