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Re: September Board
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Christine: Lol, i remember those times! Good thing you have all that stamina training with running or I'd think you'd be even more exhausted!! Can you post a link to your wordpress blog again? I lost it :x


Alix: It wont let us view the pic :smileysad: But that is so sweet of your sister!! I know mine would do the same, even though she is only my step sister, we dont let that bother us :smileyhappy: I would love to have a few other bills paid off that we owe before we have another, but like I said, our last truck payment is in May of next year, and I plan to return to work in January, so hopefully that will help get some of these bills down. :smileyhappy: Being overprepared never hurt anyone :smileywink: its being underprepared that did!

Can you try to add a pic to the board so we can see it, all we can see is a thumbnail image on yours.


afm- I managed to get stung by a yellow jacket and have a fire ant crawl up my shorts and bite me in an unmentionable lady place all within a minute of each other last night while on campus!!  Its quite funny actually. I was sitting outside waiting on DH to arrive so layla wouldnt be fussy. I was lifting her above my head and brought her down when I got stung, then when i saw the bug on my shirt, i stayed calm until layla moved her leg near it, then i flipped out trying to get it off me and away from her, dropping my phone. I saw DH pulling in, at this moment as well, and suddenly I hear a voice of "here", so I went to hand layla to DH and then started to yell "GET IT OFF OF ME! GET IT! IT STUNG ME! HELP!" wellllll... Dh then wipes the yellow jacket off me and i was about to hug and kiss him hello and whisper thank you. I look up finally to see that "DH" was NOT Chris!! LOL! This poor young man just was like " dropped your phone".. omg..I was so embarassed. LOL! Then i recieve a very angry call from DH.. who was a whole parking row away from where all this took place. And then I found two fire ants near my lady parts, biting the fire out of me, so then Im jumping around trying to get them out of my shorts while i was on fire.Pretty embarassing lol I almost handed my baby to a stranger, and ALMOST hugged and kissed him as well.

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