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Amanda: PT does hurt, but just push yourself as much as you can! I was dating a guy in the military when I was in my PT after my ankle reconstruction... even though we were seperated at the time, he would call me and go over my exercises, I used to cry, but then if i'd forget to count he said "in the army, if you didnt count it out loud, you didnt do it, let me hear you again! ONE...TWO...THREE..." But you know what? It was inspiring. If I can do it, you can :smileyhappy: I do not like pain. You can do it!!! I havent really had AF since Jan. 2012..I have had the crazy mirena spotting, but thats it. So I dont know what to think. lol. Are you having the heartburn too? Im getting it removed asap..


Haley: Labor vibes your way. And may help :smileywink:  3 hours after BD, my water broke. hehe.


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