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Re: September Board

Brie: I put up the picture. It took a lot of tinkering on the laptop. It's so slow compared to the iPad. My sister offered to be a surrogate for me if I couldn't have children. We all thought after the car accident that I wouldn't be able to since it pushed my right hip up and forward. But we are so lucky. Brie I think you and the dh would be perfectly fine with a second child. But I agree with you. It's better to wait and make sure that everything is good before you try to bring another baby into the home. I know Jason wants to have 3. I told him we have to be really ready for all of them. One right now is enough for me. The ultrasound pic looks like there could be two in there anyways. I hope the next ultrasound tells us for sure. It might just be a shadow but the more I look at it the more it looks like another baby. I don't know if I'm ready for twins.



I hope everyone trying this month gets a BFP!! I'm sending baby vibes to everyone!! 



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