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Re: September Board

Tara: As always, hoping you wont need the RE appt, but if not, at least you may be getting faster results with this new place, and I like that idea for you :smileyhappy:  I wish other people thought like we did about kids, they just have them because they can ..and then theres others like you and my sister, who want one so badly and are having issues. My sister has PCOS, she has like a 10% chance of concieving, but she would make an amazing mother! I even considered offering to be a surrogate to her instead of them looking at random people. They are financially well prepared for a child, it kills me, especially when people like DH's co worker that get pregnant a 5th time because shes "jealous" of me and they can't support themselves. Last night their electricity was shut off again, out of the 9 months this year, its been shut off at least 5 times. I dont want to ever be in those positions, even though DH would love another..and I think I would maybe. Its alot to consider. it really is..we kinda rushed into it with Layla, and I want things to be different this time around.


Alix: We cant wait to 'meet' the gummy bear!! :smileyhappy:

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