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Tara: I'm glad I'm getting moved early. I will be on a relaxing work schedule from now on and have all the holidays and down days off. I hope that is what happened to my dr. She didn't really stay in the room too long. Her nurse was in there longer than she was and asked me all the questions. Maybe it's just me imagining things because of the stress I've been under this week and lack of sleep. I hope that this time that baby is made!! You deserve that BFP!!

Afm: The dh got a phone call yesterday asking him to be lead on a trip to Minot for a week at the end of the month. He told them he couldn't go and they are trying to guilt trip him into going. The only reason he doesn't
want to go is it will be paid by us again and we don't have the money to pay for it. And he would be leaving me for a week and he will be gone for the second appt. So I'm calling tomorrow to change the appt day so he can be ok with leaving somewhat. I'm going to the him going but he has to. We are also saving for a trip to see my parents in November and for our second car. So if we spend that money my car will have to wait longer and we really need it. I'm gunna try and upload the ultrasound pic now. The baby is sooooo small I can't believe it!

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