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Re: September Board

Alix- I'm glad you are getting moved early. Hopefully a new setting will be better. That souns like some major workplace bullying to me. I can only think that your doc was left speechless. It's hard to wrap your head around people thinking it's acceptable to behave that way. I hope you can believe in yourself and stand up for you. It's not okay in any circumstance to treat someone that way.Glad you got to see baby!


Brie- Yep, October 9th it is. I haven't decided on a test date for sure yet, Think I'm just going to see how thigns go. I think you have a good plan to reevaluate the baby #2 situtation when the time comes. I think we share the same idea on the responsibility of raising a child. Wish more people took it seriously. 


AFM- DH and I are in the trying phase. I'm done with the clomid and just kinda going with the flow. Not a whole lot new.