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Alix: Im so glad they are moving you hun!  It makes me feel better! Where do grown women get the idea to act like they are 12 years old? Name calling? Really? Im sure she probably has her own self issues..but geez. You're pregnant. Not fat. You have the paitence of a saint, my dear. Big ((HUGS)) to you.


Nicole: please let us know you are ok!! We havent heard anything for awhile, just know we are still thinking of you!


Isra: How about you? have things improved with the whole moving thing?


Tara: When is your next RE appt at the new place again? I want to say Oct. 9..but cant remember. I hope you wont need it! :smileywink: Do you have a test date in mind yet?


afm- DH and I were talking about maybe having another after I graduate in July. I told him I was open to the idea, BUT changes will have to be made this time around..and that I am going to use the pill until then (when i stop BF'ing.) . I told him the closer we get to July, we can have another discussion about how we feel on the subject then, especially since we both go through the "No Layla being an "only child" is fine" constantly, he says he would love another, just not sure we could afford that and I feel the same way, on top of worrying how i would deal with two..even though school would be finished. I always thought I'd be fine with just one (and 90% of the time I completely am!) but lately I've gotten a few more neighbors in the building next to me who have a 8 month old girl who layla loves to play with. She gets so excited over other children anywhere we go, I feel like if i dont have one more she's missing out.. but at the same time, I totally love just worrying about HER.  Just too many things to discuss, finances, etc to consider before we plunge into any decisions. I know that doesnt sound real fun when you consider a baby, but heck, I like to be over prepared, than underprepared and I want to make sure we CAN afford it. I dont want the state and taxpayers to be paying for my child and children. I very firmly believe that if you can't afford all the aspects of children (medical, financial, etc)  you definitely do not need to be having them. Like I said, I'd rather be overprepared. lol.

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