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Re: July 2013 Board
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Simone: I'm still hanging in there. Just in a lot of pain. Really want to be done.

Afm: had all my appt s today. Everything came back good. Dr checked cervix and I was dilated to a 1 and had a little thinning. But not getting my hopes up since this is my second and I may have been at a 1 for sometime. She did stretch out my cervix to see if that would help with thinning and dilation. But boy did that hurt and now I'm really cramping and in even more pain. The last few days we've been on the go and the heat. I'm looking forward to just taking it easy this afternoon. I'll eventually try to get up and put some stuff from over the weekend outings away. But I just can't even imagine getting off the coach at this point. I guess there's always tomorrow.

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