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Alix: OMG! How flipping insane!! I wish I was there! I know violence isnt the answer, but I'd sure like to kick him in his kahonas and see if it "really kills his babies!" little freaking ba.......  OMG. Girl, I dont know how your DH didnt just go up there and choke his brain cells out..obviously that idiot is lacking some so it probably wouldnt have hurt him. That just makes me so freaking mad! Maybe you and DH can sit down and work the financials and maybe you can afford to quit for a little bit and then take a few weeks to find another job? please do! i am now worried about you!!


Faith: I put the 14th up for now, and welcome! These ladies are amazing! :smileyhappy: Welcome aboard! I have 2 more semesters after this one, but this one just more like 3.


Tara: KMFC for you!


afm- not much to report other than school is crazy, as usual. DH's coworker and friend's wife just found out she is pregnant with baby number 5. Shes insane.. she doesnt even look after the 4 they have. She has been trying to trap her husband for 3 months into getting her pregnant.. if its even his..which is a completely different story lol.  However, she wants another one because...wait for it... "Brie gets to stay home all day with her baby so I should too!"... wow. Seriously? Yes. But Chris works 60+ hours a week, and her husband works more (often 7 days, and upwards to 16 hours a day at times!) to struggle to support his family. She doesnt want to work at all, and he keeps pushing her to work more. She doesnt watch her kids now and pushes them outside and locks the door so she can read. I go to school and am very involved with Layla. I feel guilty for staying home because Chris has to work so hard for us and had to drop out of school. I just dont get it, and I dont get wanting to bring another baby into the world all because you are jealous of me (and her words here, not mine.).  I feel bad for that poor baby, the enviornment he/she will be born into is sickening.. roaches from floor to ceiling..pots and pans filled with mold because she wont wash them.. making the dog eat the kids poop accidents so she doesnt have to clean it. Oh and she is now "anti vaccine" and home birth. I had to explain to her why vaccines were important.. like prevents pandemics and epidemics.. duh. Her 4 are always sick, then in the emergency room for various things running across a hot stove, stabbing themselves, etc. Crazy.. jealousy is not a reason to bring a baby into this world esepcially when you are struggling to take care of what you have. But i guess not everyone sees reason the way I do.


On the upside, DH told me how proud of me he is and that I make him so proud by how far ive gone in school and how good I am at it. That doesnt happen often (not that hes a dingaling always..he just isnt very good at sharing his emotions..he just expects me to know lol.) so I was completely taken by surprise. :

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