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Re: September Board
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Thank you everyone for the warm welcomes!!!  :smileyvery-happy:  DH said he has a good feeling about this month so we shall see!!  :smileywink:


Nursetara - I hope this month is your month with the Clomid!  I will KMFC for you!!!  Thank you so much for the welcome wishes!  You ladies are so welcoming!!!


Brie - Keep your head up!!!  How much longer do you have until your classes are over?  Is there any family or friends nearby that could give you a hand during this time so you can get your studying and homework done?  It's a shame that he is this way...I hope things get better for you!!!  And the 14th is fine for my test date.  I actually think I may have ovulated on the 2nd so it could even be as far out as the 16th if you want to change it to that.  Either way I will definitely keep you guys posted and KMFC for that BFP!! 


Alix - Make sure you follow up on your complaint from whoever said they would keep you in the loop.  Keep on them and make sure appropriate actions are taken.  The comment he made was very inappropriate...joking or not....it is just something that shouldn't be said.  And I definitely would also feel weird about also working with him again.  Follow your gut instincts!!!

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