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Re: September Board
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Tara: There were witnesses and nothing was said but really. Then 10 min later he said he was joking and if I knew he was joking. I was still in shock and scared so I said I knew he was joking. But I wanted to leave and get away and not go near him. I have never been that scared. I did file a formal complaint and they said I would be kept in the loop on what's going on. I might go back tomorrow and tell them I'm scared and don't think I can work there anymore. And that I've had bad luck with all the facilities here except for food. But the dining hall is going down for renovations in October so no one will be there. I just know that the stress is making me sick and I don't want to lose the baby. I'm so fed up. I don't know if I can go to work tomorrow. I didn't think things could get this bad.
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