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I just couldnt imagine keeping that from DH.. I know he can be a real dingaling at times and I would love nothing more than to throw a frying pan at him, but he is an amazing man and I couldnt imagine NOT sharing something like that with him until i've already had blood tests and u/s..he would have been hurt and upset. Im sure your DH may be upset since he was planning the vas..but I do believe he should know asap.  just my two cents, i know i dont know your situation except for what you tell us, so im just kinda going on how I'd feel, ya know? 

I know im not telling my Dh about the symptoms I've been having, but thats because its more than likely the mirena, and I dont want to give him a heart attack until I know for sure. I told him I had heartburn, and was tired, and had nausea..but it hasnt clicked that those were also my early PG symptoms as well. And since Amanda is experiencing similar problems, I dont feel the need to tell him Im going to take a test, just in case. Now, if it comes up positive.. he'll know by the big thud and me falling over with a pee stick in my hand. LOL

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