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Re: September Board

Alix: You are going to have to take it easy woman!! School is already stressful for me, but it gets like this every semester at some I guess we will just go with the flow! :smileyhappy: The getting up to pee thing will only get worse. :smileywink: But its a good sign that the baby is growing.. i know it feels like your bladder is growing but it will lessen up slightly next trimester :smileyhappy: slightly.. then increase. 


Faith: Welcome!! I will add your test date to the board, I'll put 9/14, since thats the latest start for AF for you. Is that ok? If not, I'll change it :smileyhappy: I'm hoping for your BFP. :smileyhappy:


afm- DH made me soooo mad last night. Where do men think we have this ability to do 50 things at once, and do them perfectly? I asked him to change Layla while I got her dinner ready. he refused and said he had things to do and that he does plenty for her so he shouldnt have to change her. WHAT? Excuse me?!  He said now he does it two nights a week by himself, so I should be fine. Oh man, I was so mad! I do this 24/7 practically BY MYSELF.  He doesnt get up with her anymore, he hardly does anything else with her outside of playing with her, so Im left to do everything. Oh and two evenings a week is so difficult? When I've prepared her night clothes, her bath towel, her food/dinner, her bottle for the night, everything. All he has to do is give her a bath and add water to her dinner and feed her then lay her down.. soo difficult.  Then he asked me to make up the hamburgers, all while knowing ive been trying to read 1 1/2 chapters of statistics and 4 chapters of astronomy, and finish Beowulf reading, blog, discussion board for Brit. Lit. Then wonders why i get frustrated and say I never want another baby, and why I never get anything done! He chooses to work 60+ hours a week, then on his one free day, hes always gone doing something so that im here by myself most of THAT time as well and now that hunting season starts next week, we pretty much wont see him, nor will i have anyone to entertain layla while i attempt to get schoolwork done.

OH and I have to plan Layla's first birthday.

I need a vacation and let him handle all this crap, including my homework, for a week. sorry for the rant, but it just urks me that he wanted a baby so dang badly because he didnt get to be there for JD, but then its all my responsiblility to take care of her.. Oh hell-o no it isnt. I wanted to wait til i graduated and we were married, and he i gave in to him because he wanted to get up with her, and change her and feed her..and he doesnt do a single one of those things. Its frustrating.

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